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We Need To Talk About Guns

A few months ago the media in Scotland was full of glaring headlines making an issue about armed police officers being seen, carrying sidearms, in places such as shops or walking from one place to another. Usually focussing on the officers having the audacity to go and buy something to eat or similar.

The outrage seemed to be limited to a few politicians and newspapers as the vast majority of people actually spoken to took a far more pragmatic view.  Read More…


What? So What? Now What?

Three very simple questions which can make navigating your way through a problem a little bit easier. Three simple questions we probably don’t ask enough:

What is the problem? What is happening? What isn’t happening?

So what? Who cares? Does it matter? What are the consequences? To whom? Who is affected by this and how? What’s the worst that will happen if I do nothing? Does something need to be done? Does something need to be stopped?

Now what? So what are we going to do about it? Why? When? Who else needs to be involved?

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“Tasering Children” – A Response

February 25th 2015 – Today, the media is alive with the garish headline that UK police have used taser 400 times on children in one year.

This information has been published following an FOI request from a journalist – a favoured way of finding a story. It wouldn’t be so bad if the journalists actually provided some full context but they generally don’t. FOI is a means by which public bodies can be held to account but, having seen many of the requests in my time, they are too frequently used with the headline predetermined in the question.

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The Police Service of The Future

My last blog considered what other options might exist if we did away with TASER as some commentators are demanding. There wasn’t any answer to that question – I wasn’t expecting one.

Its not just TASER that some want to do away with so I thought it might be useful to consider what the police of tomorrow would look like if we adopted the approach advocated by some of the more vocal and prominent commentators.

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So – what instead of TASER?

If you haven’t seen this clip of the brave City Worker trying to stop a jewellery robber in London, it is well worth watching.

The man chooses his moment to pounce on the fleeing criminal and within seconds the robber pulls a large machete from his coat. This had been well hidden up until this point and the City Worker, understandably, decides that it is a risk too far and lets the suspect go. Who wouldn’t when confronted with something like that?

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