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Theoretically Speaking

In the last two weeks, @RichardJGarside director of an “independent public interest charity” called The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies has penned two articles about police reform for The Guardian.

The central thrust of Mr Garside’s articles is that lowering the police budget will lead to more balance in the public sector and that slashing the police budget will stop police officers doing other people’s jobs.

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Just In Case

Sky News ran with a Story today which said that 20% of police demand involves dealing with people with mental health issues. This strikes me as being a conservative estimate and I have heard figures as high as 40% in some places but, anyway, it just goes to show that even if crime is falling the claim that demand on police is falling too is questionable to say the least.

In these austere times just think what could be done if the police service numbers went back up to pre-2010 numbers or a fifth of capacity was suddenly released for police to spend doing something else.

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A Long Way To Go

It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything blog-wise, let alone anything on the subject of mental health and policing. That is not to say that I haven’t been watching closely what has been developing though I haven’t been as close to it as perhaps I once was.

I have also spent 4 months away from the front line of policing whilst doing some project work for the force I work for. I returned to my usual role as a response team inspector last month. Read More…

Making a Drama out of a Crisis

Ahead of the forthcoming #MHPolChat (8:30pm on Monday 14th October 2014) I wanted to re-consider the topic of “Crisis Management” and open up some lines of possible discussion for the chat itself.

One dictionary definition of the term “crisis” is as follows

1. A time of intense difficulty, trouble or danger
2. A time when a difficult or important decision must be made Read More…

Mind The Gap

Panorama’s “Locked up for being ill” programme has certainly generated some conversation this week. The timing of its broadcast dovetailed neatly with the Superintendents Association annual conference as well as the Police Federation’s Custody Forum. You only have to see the tweets coming out of each of these gatherings to see how highly mental health has featured on the agendas of both.

Following the programme I hosted my first “twitter chat” with the hashtag #mhpolchat. The reaction to that was quite staggering. A friend of mine who is not a police officer watched the chat develop through the evening and spoke to me about it afterwards. Although some of the detail was lost to them they made a startling observation “Everyone seemed to be saying the same thing.” Read More…


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