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Disconnected – The Future of the Police Federation

Last week, the Police Federation of England and Wales met for their annual conference in Bournemouth. The previous year, delegates experienced a “hair dryer” moment as the Home Secretary unleashed a speech so powerful and hurtful that those of us in that auditorium were simply blown away.

There was much anticipation that there would be more of the same this year but what played out was far more subtle.

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It Has Only Just Begun 

There is much anticipation here in Bournemouth over the contents of the keynote speeches of the Police Federation Chairman, Steve White and the Home Secretary, Theresa May.

Whereas Mr White has already given the press some clue as to what will be in his speech, Mrs May, as last year, has declined to give anyone (including Mr White) any form of hint of what she will say.

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No More Chances

I am going to start this blog with a warning:

It will contain MY view of what just happened at the Police Federation Conference and will, at times, be a stream of conscience. This is not intended to try and change anyone’s mind or opinion and I suspect that many people will disagree with me.

During the course of the past few days there have been a number of interesting moments and for me, personally, there have been several significant ones – which I will come to individually.

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Stormin’ Normington

In 1965, Dr Bruce Tuckman published a model which explains how teams behave. I had the pleasure of learning about this at Bramshill as part of their Leadership and Teams module and I remember thinking, as we went through it, that it applied to every single team I had ever worked with.

Essentially, it describes how a team starts in chaos and then progresses through four stages (he later added a fifth in the 1970’s but I will stick with the four for now) until it reaches a point where it is fully functional and doing well. Read More…

Expected to Deal – Set Up to Fail

This is a reproduction of an article I wrote for the last edition of Greater Manchester Police Federation’s Magazine “Manchat.”

As always I thank my friends at GMP for allowing me to have another channel through which to speak.

The Mental Health Act celebrates its 30th year in existence in 2013 but you will forgive me if I don’t put up the bunting. At the moment it is arguably causing the police more work and placing officers and detainees at more risk than any other piece of legislation we commonly use. Read More…

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