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Because You’re Worth It

I am absolutely delighted to host this blog from public relations advisor and fundraiser Gemma Pettman

Gemma has previously worked within police corporate communications and a large police charity, but now runs her own company helping charities to raise their profile and increase their income.

Gemma has very kindly given the Red Button Project the benefit of her experience and offers her view on how the police might better communicate with the public at a time when it seems they can’t do anything right. 

Read More…


A Word To The Wise

The first thing I will say is that I have thought long and hard about posting this.

This is not intended to be a lecture.

In about ten months there will be a General Election in this country. I think it would be safe to say that the vast majority of public sector workers are pretty unhappy with the way things have gone in the last four years. Read More…

“Shouldn’t You Be Out Catching Criminals?”

Over the last week or so I have seen a couple of tweets directed at official police accounts which have asked the following question “Shouldn’t you be out catching criminals instead of tweeting?”

It’s an interesting question and one I would like to address.

One of the primary roles of the police is to “catch criminals” – of course it is – but it is not the only role.

The first question to ask is HOW do you catch criminals? Read More…

How To Do it Right – Social Media – a case study

There are now two forms of crisis management. Dealing with what is actually happening and dealing with what is being said about what is actually happening. The second is created and exacerbated by social media and how agencies respond to it is critical.

This morning, tragedy struck Central London where a helicopter appears to have collided with a crane and then fallen onto buildings and cars below.

The full circumstances of this are not yet known and will be fully investigated. Read More…

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