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No More Chances

I am going to start this blog with a warning:

It will contain MY view of what just happened at the Police Federation Conference and will, at times, be a stream of conscience. This is not intended to try and change anyone’s mind or opinion and I suspect that many people will disagree with me.

During the course of the past few days there have been a number of interesting moments and for me, personally, there have been several significant ones – which I will come to individually.

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Stormin’ Normington

In 1965, Dr Bruce Tuckman published a model which explains how teams behave. I had the pleasure of learning about this at Bramshill as part of their Leadership and Teams module and I remember thinking, as we went through it, that it applied to every single team I had ever worked with.

Essentially, it describes how a team starts in chaos and then progresses through four stages (he later added a fifth in the 1970’s but I will stick with the four for now) until it reaches a point where it is fully functional and doing well. Read More…

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