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Expected to Deal – Set Up to Fail

This is a reproduction of an article I wrote for the last edition of Greater Manchester Police Federation’s Magazine “Manchat.”

As always I thank my friends at GMP for allowing me to have another channel through which to speak.

The Mental Health Act celebrates its 30th year in existence in 2013 but you will forgive me if I don’t put up the bunting. At the moment it is arguably causing the police more work and placing officers and detainees at more risk than any other piece of legislation we commonly use. Read More…


Why We Went

We went to honour sisters
Taken from us far too soon
We went to guard their journey
To the far side of the Moon

We went in adoration
Of the ones they left behind
We went to show the public
We are part of human kind Read More…

Goodnight Sisters

Nicola was escorted by mounted officers in full ceremonial dress.

She was followed by her family and accompanied by hundreds of GMP officers and other emergency service workers.

She was flanked by an honour guard of thousands of officers of all ranks from across the UK. Read More…

“Eternal” a tribute to PC Fiona Bone and PC Nicola Hughes

I didn’t know them but I have been where they were. Running to a job in progress without thinking too much about what I was actually running toward.

I didn’t know them but I have done what they were doing. I joined for the same reasons. I had that Calling – the burning passion to help and make a difference.

I didn’t know them but I was once in their shoes being sent to the scene of some incident or other with the full intention of doing good when I got there. Read More…

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