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A Blind Leap

GUEST POST – A Police Officers personal experience of Domestic Abuse

I am honoured to have been asked to host this honest and harrowing blog which outlines a friend and colleague’s personal experience of domestic abuse. Not all domestic abuse is violent but the effects are hugely damaging and frightening. I would like to praise the author for her courage in speaking out and for inviting me to host the blog. NC

The following has emotional and raw content including domestic abuse and suicide discussed. This may affect some people; if so please remember you can contact Samaritans from any phone on 116 123. Or the National Domestic abuse helpline 08082000247

If you identify with this I am hoping the following will help you, I really do want to help you and for you to know you are not alone. It’s too late for me in some respects but hopefully not for you.

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Why Education Matters, But Not By Degrees

A few weeks ago, a Twitter debate raged on the subject of whether it was necessary for all police officers to be degree educated. It has been proposed by the College of Policing that, in order to “professionalise” the police, it is desirable (and, therefore, likely to happen) that any new recruit will be required to undertake a Batchelor’s degree in policing.

At present, it is not clear what that will look like but the best guess is that it will actually be combining all existing foundation training and calling it a degree. Purists argue that this is not a degree at all as it does not test critical thinking and there is no dissertation. Others see it as the gateway to a future of officers who will act and think differently.

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Because You’re Worth It

I am absolutely delighted to host this blog from public relations advisor and fundraiser Gemma Pettman

Gemma has previously worked within police corporate communications and a large police charity, but now runs her own company helping charities to raise their profile and increase their income.

Gemma has very kindly given the Red Button Project the benefit of her experience and offers her view on how the police might better communicate with the public at a time when it seems they can’t do anything right. 

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Spot The Difference

I am delighted to host another blog from a guest from the medical profession. In fact, today’s author wears two hats for as well as being a doctor @NCGarrard is also a Special Sergeant so has a very good view of all angles of this debate.

What wouldn’t any of is give to have a colleague working with us with that amount of medical training. Read More…

Street Triage: A Diversion From the Real Problem?

It cannot have escaped your notice that I have some reservations about the Street Triage programme. I have blogged about them before here

My main problems with it are that it still relies on the police rather than a fully resourced and re-imagined “crisis team” (working with a much broader definition of ‘crisis’) and the fact that it does nothing to address the issues of training, legislation, restraint, bed spaces, transport, exclusion criteria, handover to the NHS or avoidance of cells for those who are detained. Read More…

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