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Nathan Constable aviI am a serving police Inspector with more than 20 years experience. I’m currently a Tactical Firearms Commander but have previously worked in response, neighbourhood and strategic roles.

I am an elected local representative of the Police Federation of England and Wales and I am also a paying member of the Police Firearms Officers Association.

I’m particularly interested in mental health, firearms/taser and the future of policing. These are themes that feature in many of my posts.

My writing comes from my own experiences; by sharing the things I see, by questioning what happens around me I hope to bring you a different perspective on policing.

Why am I anonymous? It’s a question I’m often asked. I started blogging at a time when officers were actively discouraged from using social media – especially to discuss work related matters – and the threat of disciplinary action was actively used as a deterrent. For someone like me who wanted to discuss the wider policing issues of the day in a public forum this created something of a problem. I chose stealth and Nathan was born.

My anonymity is now more a matter of choice. I ‘came out’ to my force about two years ago and my identity is well known nationally within policing circles. Anonymity allows me to discuss issues that an official police account couldn’t but I am very much aware that I walk a fine line and I do my very best not to abuse the trust of those who know me nor abuse the position I hold as a serving officer.

If you have any feedback or comments, please do post them on the blogs. You can also follow me on Twitter.

In May 2015 I came in at Number 16 in Police Oracle Magazine’s Top 20 Police Tweeters

I was shortlisted in the final three for “Best Police Blogger” in the 2016 Police Twitter Awards.

Outside of work I am an avid NFL fan, I enjoy music and playing my guitars. If you’re interested I have posted some of my music (originals and covers) on my You Tube channel.

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