Why We Went

We went to honour sisters
Taken from us far too soon
We went to guard their journey
To the far side of the Moon

We went in adoration
Of the ones they left behind
We went to show the public
We are part of human kind

We went to show our colours
And nail them to the mast
To show our strong commitment
To the principles of the past

We went from round the corner
We went from far and wide
We went to show the bad guys that
There’s nowhere they can hide

We couldn’t answer questions
We didn’t even try
But we went to help our colleagues
Wipe the tears from their eyes

We went to show our solidarity
We went because we could
To show the folk of Manchester
There is still a force for good

We went because our family
Is grieving from within
To show that strength in numbers
Can purge the world of sin

We went because we loved them
Mark the bravery they’ve shown
To show their friends and relatives
They do not mourn alone

We went to show that tragedy
Will never be in vain
They leave a shining legacy
Which will rise beyond the pain


4 responses to “Why We Went”

  1. boobswithbrains says :

    Just beautiful NC x

  2. Rebecca Bradley says :

    Reblogged this on Rebecca Bradley and commented:
    Beautiful thoughts on two days that should never needed to have been. Loss that no one should ever have to bear, in circumstances that are unimaginable on our streets. The loss of two police officers who will never, ever, be forgotten.

  3. Chris says :

    May our sisters rest in peace.

  4. pawprintsofthesoul says :

    Reblogged this on pawprintsofthesoul and commented:
    Another example of the Spirit of Policing.
    Word made Flesh.

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