Goodnight Sisters

Nicola was escorted by mounted officers in full ceremonial dress.

She was followed by her family and accompanied by hundreds of GMP officers and other emergency service workers.

She was flanked by an honour guard of thousands of officers of all ranks from across the UK.

The most emotional thing was the noise as a wave of spontaneous public applause got nearer and nearer as the cortège approached. It didn’t stop.

As I called my little section to attention so that we could properly pay our respects I could barely speak.

I have never been so truly humbled.
Although some of us wore uniform and others do not – there was no divide between the public and the police and that is as it is, as it was and always will be.

Let this be their legacy.

Words cannot do justice to what has happened today. The same will happen tomorrow.

Then – let justice be done.

Goodnight sisters.


3 responses to “Goodnight Sisters”

  1. katie says :

    Such beautiful heartfelt words.
    The country stood with you all today and will do so again tomorrow
    RIP Two Angels xx

  2. athousandhats says :

    You have echoed so many thoughts tonight, thank you x MASSIVE HUGS

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