Every Contact Leaves A Trace

Earlier this week the Daily Mail ran an article which claimed that more than 100 police officers take a whole year off work due to mental health issues. It stated that 1500 officers were absent every day for the same reasons.

I refuse to provide a link because I despise the paper and everything it writes but, in fairness, apart from some unnecessary CAPITALISATION, the article itself did not pass judgement. It allowed commentary from the Federation but resisted the temptation to use evocative language like “excuses” and “sickies” as it has done in the past.  Read More…

We Need To Talk About Guns

A few months ago the media in Scotland was full of glaring headlines making an issue about armed police officers being seen, carrying sidearms, in places such as shops or walking from one place to another. Usually focussing on the officers having the audacity to go and buy something to eat or similar.

The outrage seemed to be limited to a few politicians and newspapers as the vast majority of people actually spoken to took a far more pragmatic view.  Read More…

Never Say Never 

Here are some words I really didn’t think I would ever say “I am going to attempt to get a degree.”

Yes – I know. Read More…

The Man in the Hole – a personal blog on Depression

Depression is a hideous illness. If I had a virus or a fever I could take medication, allow it to do its thing, and expect to get better in a few days time.

I would see the symptoms. I might be hot, cold, shivering – my body would be showing me it was not right. To the rest of the world it would also be pretty obvious that I was poorly. No doubt this would lead to sympathy from those closest to me – even platitudes from acquaintances but either way – someone would feel the need to express their concern for my well-being and hope I “get well soon.” Read More…

Wrong People – Wrong Time 

The ever wonderful Mental Health Cop wrote a thought provoking blog yesterday on the subject of welfare checks (safe and well checks.)

To the uninitiated this is the broad title given to calls to the police asking them to… check the welfare of an individual. Sometimes these calls come from the public in response to someone they are unable to contact but a lot – an awful lot – are generated by other agencies. Read More…

Back To School

It is now just under a week before I start that thing I said I would never do – the university course.

To say I feel nervous would be an understatement. There are so many reasons why I have never wanted to undertake a degree and I certainly never thought I would be doing it now I am the wrong side of 40. Read More…

Back To School (Part 2)

I said I would keep you updated on my journey into academia and I have just finished my first official study weekend at the university itself.
All of the emotions and fears and concerns I mentioned in the first blog hit me like a tonne of bricks the moment I arrived yesterday. During the first couple of sessions I must say that I felt completely out of my comfort zone and very nervous despite the hugely warm welcome being extended by the uni team.  Read More…

The Case For Spit Hoods

Over the last few days there has been a lot of discussion about the police using spit hoods on a very small number of detainees.

This has culminated in the campaign group, Liberty, criticising the police for using them at all saying that there is no case to do so and they are inhumane and degrading. They go so far as to say that the argument for spit hoods is “far fetched.” Read More…

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