Never Say Never 

Here are some words I really didn’t think I would ever say “I am going to attempt to get a degree.”

Yes – I know. Read More…

Yesterday’s Man

This blog may be as uncomfortable to read as I know it is going to be to write. This is going to be an existential exploration which is unlikely to lead to any answers. I find myself in the somewhat strange position of asking, in relation to work, “what am I doing here?” I know I am not alone in this position either – in a recent survey, some 76% of police officers said they would not recommend the job as a choice of careers to others.

This kind of thinking out loud could effectively “do my legs” in terms of career progression or opportunities but in over 20 years I have never felt more confused about the direction of the police service I love.  Read More…

The Man in the Hole – a personal blog on Depression

Depression is a hideous illness. If I had a virus or a fever I could take medication, allow it to do its thing, and expect to get better in a few days time.

I would see the symptoms. I might be hot, cold, shivering – my body would be showing me it was not right. To the rest of the world it would also be pretty obvious that I was poorly. No doubt this would lead to sympathy from those closest to me – even platitudes from acquaintances but either way – someone would feel the need to express their concern for my well-being and hope I “get well soon.” Read More…

Apply Brakes. Check Mirror. 

I am extremely grateful for the invitation from Inspector Michael Brown (pictured above) which allowed me to attend the College of Policing Mental Health and Policing National Conference.

It was very well attended and I think every police force was represented along with about 40 other agencies involved in this aspect of work.  Read More…

“A Low Flying Panic Attack”

There is no-one in the world of music who writes music like Radiohead. Whilst they have a penchant for the melancholic and outright depressing their work resonates with a great many people. In the early days their largely guitar based offerings produced many of their “Greatest Hits” and established them as stadium fillers and anthem writers.

There is also no-one in the world who makes music like Radiohead. There are a couple of other bands, Coldplay being one, who always manage to get the arrangements on their tracks just so but Radiohead take this to another level. There is not a single noise (and there are many noises on Radiohead tracks) which has not been considered, reconsidered, tested, replaced, considered again and then edited and altered until it fits perfectly. It is musical science.  A shining example of this is the single glissando during the final chorus of Codex which appears just once in the song and adds that perfect moment you didn’t realise was missing until it appeared. Read More…

The Kernow One

It is with real sadness that we seem to have lost another popular police Twitter account.
Until yesterday, PC Alice Nicholas aka @KernowCop was regularly updating the world with details of her life as a police officer.Alice’s popularity is not in question nor is the quality of what she was doing on social media. You can tell by the number of followers she had and one of her recent tweets regarding a surprisingly lenient sentence went viral and led to newspaper coverage.  Read More…

OK To Fail?

Recently I have seen a school of thought around evidenced based policing and change which concerns me. The concept that it is “OK to fail” that “failing is learning.”

Whilst I tend to agree that, in any set of circumstances where something goes wrong, as much needs to be wrung from it to prevent a repeat I’m not sure that it is “OK to fail” especially when it comes to policing.  Read More…

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